February 14th

You know what today is.

Whether you’re all about it or you’re all against it, Valentine’s day is in your face and demands the attention of a 21 year old sorority girl. It wants you to look at it. To buy it things. To make you feel –something. In case you’re someone to feel this is a bull shit holiday (and you’re not alone) here are some fun facts about the controversy of this day’s origin.


Saint Valentine of Terni


So this Saint born sometime in 176 was officially honored and respected on February 14 273 (Really? So he was like really old?) when he died. He was known for his association of “courtly love” which basically just means in today’s term’s he was a wing man. I guess people were very bored without Hulu and Netflix back then so this was a big deal.


Here’s where it gets juicy. Hater’s will always say it’s fake, and rumors questioned whether St. Valentine was actually one man, or perhaps Spice Girls were on to something when they sang “two become one”. There could have been two Saints with the same name because human’s were not so creative back then, and wore the same outfits and stuff.


This he said-she said gossip spiraled out of control enough for the Catholic Church to remove Saint Valentine from their Calendar, with the courtesy of still acknowledging he was a saint and a martyr. Saint Valentine were to represent courtly love upon all other local calendars.

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Today, Valentines Day means chocolates, flowers, and someone hoping to get lucky. It also means pjs, messy buns, and a carton of ice cream for some others. The remaining population simply acknowledge today as another day and slightly judge their co-workers around them receiving thoughtful givings from their lovers.


Whichever demographic you fall under, I love you. Because you are adulting today. And this $h!t is always hard. You deserve a web hug. 

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