“Good Journey”

Life tip: when starting a blog, remember your username and password to log-in. Otherwise, you will get asked unusual questions such as “Didn’t you start a website?” and “When are you going to post something?”. These outlandish questions from “friends” aren’t ideal when attempting to commit to something new, especially when the new commitment involves talking about being an adult. Okay so note to self, when becoming a blogger, blog.

Sorry for the delay. Life got in the way and juggling a full time job, being a (newly single) dog mom, and having a ton of fun all at the same time is way hard. That is the entire point of Adulting for Beginners. We learn on the go and share our experiences, all while being totally judged and gawked at because sarcasm is an acquired taste. So let’s get back to business. But first… Outside Lands.

Outside Lands 2016

My buddy had…let’s call it a change in plans…in his life when he invited me to OSL. As it turned out, I too was going through a change in plans. This worked out perfectly, because he now had an extra ticket and I had an urgent itch to visit my favorite city promptly as any newly change-in-plans young woman does. So naturally I played it cool, waited for PTO approval from the boss man, figured out fur-baby sitter coverage, then Venmo’d my buddy an expensive Hell Yes. If you don’t know what OSL is, that’s fine. I didn’t either. I have never “done” Coachella or any cool music festival before because it sounds sweaty and loud and dizzy. Although these were thoughts of past me. A lot has changed. I’ve been growing up faster, jumping out of airplanes on a Monday, reaching new work goals, meeting friends for drinks any time any day… and sweaty, loud, and dizzy sound pretty perfect right now.  Sometimes you starve for some fun, and wind up at a buffet. See you soon San Francisco, and future festie besties. OSL 2

More about Danielle Angrest

I graduated from the University of Arizona in Psychology with a passion for understanding people. Trying and learning new things are an absolute must for me. I love my Australian Shepherd, Socrates and his ability to stay calm at the end of every Game of Thrones episode. I love being ironically indoorsy. Sushi, skydiving, bourbon, and brunch are always answered with a yes if you ask me. Most of all, I love humor and wit, and the -art- of growing up.

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