Meet Dhruvi

We love Dhruvi.

Dhruvi Shah refers to herself as a storyteller.


Professionally, she’s a journalist, writer, blogger, stylist, content creator and vlogger. She is based out of Mumbai and hails from a family that has been in the entertainment industry longer than she has been alive.


She wears her heart on her sleeve on most occasions and when a date goes bad, she humours herself with a funny piece of writing. Her childlike amazement hasn’t faded though and several love notes written by her are found in people’s wallets, diaries and the like.


Her Internet address is if you wanted to stalk her in virtual life.


You can check out Dhruvi’s and other individual’s stories on Stateless Media’s Facebook here.


More about Danielle Angrest

I graduated from the University of Arizona in Psychology with a passion for understanding people. Trying and learning new things are an absolute must for me. I love my Australian Shepherd, Socrates and his ability to stay calm at the end of every Game of Thrones episode. I love being ironically indoorsy. Sushi, skydiving, bourbon, and brunch are always answered with a yes if you ask me. Most of all, I love humor and wit, and the -art- of growing up.

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