Monday Mournings: Funnies to get you by

Mourning the weekend? We got you covered. Monday is a bitch. Have a laugh.

When someone posts a picture of their kids by Demetri Martin

Adam Sandler on parental control

Accidental hookups with Amy Schumer 

Country Music by Bob Newart

Procrastination by Demetri Martin

Party invites- Mindy Kaling

Family Matter- Louis C.K.

High thoughts on hunger by Mitch Hedburg

Safe Place – Mindy Kaling

Fighting for your rights- Mitch Hedburg

Living that poor life- Rob O’Reilly

Exercise Motivation by Tina Fey 

Adulting by Zach Galifianakis

Pinterest Problems by Iliza Schlesinger 

More about Danielle Angrest

I graduated from the University of Arizona in Psychology with a passion for understanding people. Trying and learning new things are an absolute must for me. I love my Australian Shepherd, Socrates and his ability to stay calm at the end of every Game of Thrones episode. I love being ironically indoorsy. Sushi, skydiving, bourbon, and brunch are always answered with a yes if you ask me. Most of all, I love humor and wit, and the -art- of growing up.

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