Thanksgiving is the Ish

Ahh… *exhale* Thanksgiving. A precursor to the major holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, Three Kings Day, Boxing Day, Saint Lucia day, Fiesta of our Lady of Guadalupe, Eid al-Fitr, Omisoka, Yule, Saturnalia, Adam Brody’s birthday, and New Years), Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday (aside from Payday Friday). Its the switch from slutty basic cat costume party nights to infinity scarf with matching leg warmers Netflix and Chill evenings. Its when you can appropriately begin to complain about hearing Christmas music this early– but secretly adore it since it has yet to be beaten to death like a Taylor Swift new single and tossed into the Pumpkin Spice Latte river of seasonal depression. This is the time of the year we are totally dieting but are also totally cheating at the same time–only people will joyfully laugh understanding the struggle (“ha-ha oh Vivian that breakfast doesn’t count! It was a gift from the breakfast burrito gods and there are hungry models in LA, girl you totally had to eat it!”). Thanksgiving is quite literally the very best holiday and if you disagree that’s okay, I’m here to prove you wrong.

10 Reasons Why Thanksgiving is the Ish

1. This year, the elections are over and while your family is discussing everything you have just spent 16 days trying to avoid on Facebook (see political etiquette post) you get to pretend you’re engaged in the conversation by drinking about it rather than talking about it. “So and so is a fraud!”  (smile, cheers, gulp, repeat)

2. It’s the end of the year so no one really expects you to still be keeping up with last January’s New Year’s resolution, so you let your freak flag fly and do whatever your little toxic heart desires!


3. Fall television. With the exception of The Bachelor and Game of Thrones, the best shows are finally back! #themindyproject.

4. The best food hands down. Your friend’s mom’s potato latkes are delightful sure, but they don’t compare.

5. Its not the end of the quarter so you’re not stressing about losing your job just yet. Never lose hope little friend. You haven’t failed yet.

6. Your dad wants you to take shots with him! Later, he will tell you how proud he is of you, and how you’re his favorite. Don’t mess this up.

7. Occasional early Christmas gifts–without the pressure! What a surprise!

8. The smell (mm stuffing). The temperature (mm guys are still tan). The feeling.

9. You get it all! Football, food, friends, family, and no f**ks.

10. Having the perfect reason to excuse yourself early from the crowd, because the food coma is kicking in and that can’t possibly be your fault. You will still be loved and adored by all, and to all, a good night.

So yeah I mean I like it, but I get it if its not your thing. Cheers!

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I graduated from the University of Arizona in Psychology with a passion for understanding people. Trying and learning new things are an absolute must for me. I love my Australian Shepherd, Socrates and his ability to stay calm at the end of every Game of Thrones episode. I love being ironically indoorsy. Sushi, skydiving, bourbon, and brunch are always answered with a yes if you ask me. Most of all, I love humor and wit, and the -art- of growing up.

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