The Burnout

Today marks Adulting for Beginner’s 1 year anniversary which basically means we are 7 in dog years! You may have, but probably haven’t, noticed I have been gone for a while. It’s been a minute, you could say. A dry spell even. TBH I wasn’t traveling the cobble stone roads of London. I wasn’t re-discovering myself in the French Riviera Cannes. I’ve been busy and burnt out. A friend and I were talking and found it funny that as you get older going out seems more tasking than it used to be. Last year I wrote you guys a post about how “dizzy, hot, and sweaty” sounded pretty good at the moment. Since that post, I’ve been burying myself in so many fun activities and trying too many new things and now I can’t wait to feel the cold side of my pillow tonight. Honestly, walking my dog seems hard.

This is, the burnout stage. I have to say, its not so bad. Adulting is harder than I thought, especially when you’re trying to avoid it. If you find yourself in this stage, embrace it. Take a breathe. Remember that its okay to have down time. I mean, definitely walk your dog or else you’re a terrible person.

Despite what you may want to admit, burnout may not always be caused by work. Of course this can be a major factor–but be honest with yourself. Have you been traveling too much? Doing something every weekend? When was the last time you picked up a book and read for leisure? Whatever it is causing the funk in your junk be mindful of balance. Where can you be more leveled in your day? What is missing?

Take your time to recharge. Get your work outs in, get plenty of rest, and eat clean. These are the best ways to prevent feeling overwhelmed and keep a healthy mindset.

Now go nap like a MF and get ready to hustle for tomorrow. After all, you are the best at what you do.

More about Danielle Angrest

I graduated from the University of Arizona in Psychology with a passion for understanding people. Trying and learning new things are an absolute must for me. I love my Australian Shepherd, Socrates and his ability to stay calm at the end of every Game of Thrones episode. I love being ironically indoorsy. Sushi, skydiving, bourbon, and brunch are always answered with a yes if you ask me. Most of all, I love humor and wit, and the -art- of growing up.

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  1. Veronica

    Naps and I have become reacquainted as of late. There are also a lot more “you got this” speaches going on in my head before I commit to anything.


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